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Mugwort Is My Favorite Herb 

Yes, this is one herb you definite keep around the house. If you trying to increase your psychic abilities ...

Naysayers That Don't Believe 

Have you ever had someone criticize you about what you believe in? Maybe because you do black magick, witchcraft or whatever the case...

6 Limiting Beliefs Of Wealth

I want to give you some straight talk about self-limiting beliefs. The problem is experts and other guru beat around the bush on what is keeping you from being more successful or abundant.

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One Of My Favorite Herbs Called Mugwort

One Of My Favorite Herbs Called Mugwort

Yes, this is one herb you definite keep around the house. 

If you trying to increase your psychic abilities with divination, astral project or soul travel then this what you can use with your rituals...  

There are many benefits of mugwort due to my research. 

I believe that there is alot herbs have some of the same properties and are similar.  

Some of those things this herb can help with is...

  • Sleep  
  • Weight Loss
  • Menstrual Cycles
  • Healing 
  • Digestion

I did a livestream last sunday like on my top 3 magickal herbs. 

You can watch the main live replay on periscope because I also shared on other platforms as well like Instagram and facebook...  

Now if i was to pick one herb that i liked the most then it would be Mugwort...  

It has been around since the beginning of my spiritual awakening and not sure if I will ever stop using it to enhance my abilities on my journey...

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Naysayers That Don't Believe In You

Naysayers That Don't Believe In You

Have you ever had someone criticize you about what you believe in? Maybe because you do black magick, witchcraft or whatever the case. They try to tell you what they think your doing wrong and it is so irrelevant because your enlightened to know that you are always learning and seeking knowledge?

Are you a spiritual coach or practitioner that teaches magick or any other occult practices and has a business? Do you find it difficult to sell your products or services and feel you don't have enough credibility sometimes because of what your potiential clients say?

Did you know some of these naysayers or average people and some are wannabes and fake spiritual people. The ones that talk negatively about you offer are really not the ones your looking for...

Don't waste time with them because at the end of the day, you are still on the right path spirituality if more keep coming out the wood work...

They are gonna hate on you regardless. Letting the naysayers second guess your abilities and divine purpose to the world is what this reality is designed upon...

Keep being that demonic, satanic, wiccan, ligthworker,darkworker or spiritual person. 

I feel all you guys are needed to help this world...

Your spiritual based business may not take off right away but if you believe in the tools you have then eventually the magick will help do the rest, whatever the source maybe...

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6 Self Limiting Beliefs Of Wealth

The Sky Is Not The Limiting... The Universe Is Infinite... 

I want to give you some straight talk about self-limiting beliefs. The problem is experts and other guru beat around the bush on what is keeping you from being more successful or abundant.

What I have found is that people are not aware what is stopping them. More than likely you are to busy listening to someone else and only taking that into full consideration. Once you get a consultation from me I will be able to determine how you listen to yourself about your desired success.

You may posses the inability to think for yourself because you don’t trust in your higher self or intuition. You were probably given advice from someone you believe to be successful that told you to do what everybody does, like go back to school etc….

The thing is that….times have changed dramatically…..

So, what is the definition a self-limiting belief?

A self-limiting belief is the concept of an idea that doesn’t work for you but is consciously being repeated in your mind without conscious awareness that is sabotaging you…

I knew that what I been doing for the last couple years way back wasn’t working. At that time I was without a job for a couple of months doing online college courses for an electrical engineering degree. A full-time job was hard to find a school wasn’t paying me.

I had a mindset that it was a complete struggle to live. Now I know it was because the environment, the people I surrounded myself around and my habits which developed my self limiting beliefs about money.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, The sky is not the limit….the universe is infinite

Let me share with you 6 self limiting beliefs of wealth that will keep you from obtain massive success and fulfilment in your life…

Want To Listen To 6 Limiting Beliefs Of Wealth?

1. Money Is The Root To ALL EVIL

The biggest awakening of truth you will face. The misunderstanding religion has made this so. I found out that the Bible’s really referring to the essences of spiritual wealth. We are highly abundant beings that have the ability to create wealth

2. We Living In Scarcity Without Much

Another most common self limiting belief. Scarcity means limited supply. People assume that there is not enough to go around and the government keeps taking our money. The awakening is the there is so many opportunities but you must create them by change of perspective.

3. The Comfortablity That Stunts Growth

I agree with one of my mentors that comfort is the enemy . If you want to be comfortable all the time then how will you ever grow? Challenge yourself if you want growth and abundance. Overcome the illusion of fears and get uncomfortable. This exactly what you need.


4. Instant Gratification Of Success

We live in a society where people want things right now or they will give up. This is the reason why the journey for success is a short one for most people. Becoming a wealthy or super successful is a process. Nothing never happens over night. Instant gratification will instantly kill your chances.

5.The Illusion Of “I Have No Time Or Money”

The more you tell yourself this when somebody comes up you about an opportunity the more closed-minded you become. You must make time if you want a better quality of life for yourself instead of complaining or wishing about it.

6. Wishing Into The Universe

What you are speaking into is a self limiting belief that you don’t deserve to be wealthy. I hear this so many times from people who wish they had this or that. You must pay close attention to the words you say. Don’t speak about what you wish you can do because you can do anything.

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